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Your brand touches all your stakeholders - both current and potential. So tap into Prayag's well-tested PROBE framework to deliver consistent messages across all your interest groups and enjoy the value-add to your organization.
Organization Branding
Create your brand identity and convey Who you are, How, Why and What you do and much more through Prayag services - Corporate identity packs, Positioning exercises, Influencer management programs and Thought leadership programs
Event Branding
Create a branded experience at your event and communicate a unified message to all your audience by leveraging Prayag’s expertise and experience in developing the following: Event message, Event collaterals, Pre-event plan and implementation
Social Media Strategy
In today's networked market scenario, interact person-to-person and stay connected for smarter and better results with the minimum investment. So get started today and stay active with:
  • Blogs - Creation, Maintenance and Hosting
  • Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networking Channels
Leave a winning impression among all the key interest groups by leveraging Prayag's result-oriented PACKS framework for content development and the range of content services listed below:
Newsletter Creation
We help you send out periodic updates and Newsletters to keep your customers, volunteers, partners and other interested parties well informed about the current happenings within and around your organization
Event Collateral
Communicate a unified message to the target audience of your event through collaterals developed by Prayag that are specific to your event - panels, flyers, booklets, brochures and whitepapers
Building Case Studies/Success Stories
We will develop and package your Success Stories and help you prove your service capabilities. We can build case studies of past successes in supporting customers and help you portray your competence.
Content Management System(CMS)
Prayag will help you Create, Manage and Update the content on your website to communicate the most suitable message across varied interest groups
Website Creation and Management Services
Websites are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to communicate to users. Learn how Prayag can help you enhance your online presence to reach your interested users across the globe and convey your message with ease:
  • Website Creation or Revamp – Content and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Management
Prayag's approach is to be flexible to the client needs and to respond immediately to ever changing market scenarios. We tailor our services to your requirements and partner with you for the end-to-end marketing needs of your organization
Online Lead Generation/Management
Prayag can help you generate more leads through the best utilization of your online presence – Website, RSS feeds, Blogs and other Web 2.0 and Online strategies
Member/Donor Programs
Obtain the optimum response through your Donor Programs by leveraging Prayag’s capabilities to develop effective content and unified messaging across varied communication channels and target groups
NPO Clients

Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners (PSVP)
PSVP is a partnership of philanthropic-minded individuals who invest time, expertise and capital in innovative nonprofits serving at-risk youth. PSVP provides a unique vehicle through which civic-minded individuals can effect positive, lasting change in our community. PSVP binds together people come from different walks of life, by their desire to have an impact in their community and to become better philanthropists and givers. Believing in Prayag's expertise and experience PSVP partnered with Prayag to enhance their online presence and web2.0 needs through website revamp, social media strategies and networking & community building

An NGO working towards achieving its objective of creating 'carbon-neutral' villages in India through varied ‘green’ initiatives. The first of these initiatives of i2D is the environment-friendly Chula – "Chulika" - aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of each household. Prayag was i2D's chosen partner for their marketing and branding activities – from ideation to implementation. The scope of the engagement entailed
  • Branding – positioning and messaging recommendation for the organization, its objective and product
  • Identifying target segments and anchor programs in collaboration with i2D to reach the former effectively
  • Creation of web presence

We believe that Prayag is the ideal Marketing Partner for you because:

  • Our consultative approach backed by robust implementation has yielded superior outcomes
  • We provide timely business-critical insights from research findings
  • Our clients have benefited from sharper brand positioning, leading to greater brand equity, both critical for higher productivity
Client Appreciation
“I first met Prayag during a business trip to India. I was immediately impressed with this women owned company. Their openness, honesty, collaborative approach was most appealing, not to mention how good they are with social media and networking. Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners was nervous at first about outsourcing the development of our website and enhancing our social media and networking. Prayag made the process wonderful. They explained the process and technical enhancements in very simple to understand ways, their work was high quality and always on time. Though the work is currently under progress, Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners would highly recommend Prayag for all your web 2.0 needs.”
--John Denny
Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners
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