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"In Prayag we have found an ideal research partner. Their grasp of our context and needs, along with the ability to translate it into actionable reports in quick time has been very valuable to us. We are also impressed with their breadth of knowledge reflected in the consistently high quality outputs across different kinds of research."
Anurag Gupta,
Group Manager - Strategic Marketing,
Wipro Technologies

The intricacies of creating and managing a business

Sudha Kumar speaks at the inaugural session of 'Meet the CEO' to acquaint students with various facets of the corporate world- its challenges, changes, and much more.

Seize the day: A guide for entrepreneurs

When opportunity knocks, how do you make sure it is the right one?? Sudha Kumar, CEO of Prayag, shares her experience of envisaging the right opportunity and working at it persistently which is a key to successful entrepreneurship.
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